Driftwood Guesthouse – Quirimba

The privately owned “Driftwood Guesthouse” on the farm is the base from where all the boat trips to various islands around Quirimba start. The main building consists of four en suite bedrooms with air condition, a big entertainment room, open plan kitchen and a veranda. Another building with two bedrooms and a bathroom to share is also available, should the need arise.

From Pemba, Quirimba Island (Difficult to get to, difficult to leave) can be reached by plane (998m air strip), by boat and by a car/boat trip combination. Depending on the condition of the road, Quissanga can be reached by car via Metuge or Bilibiza. From Quissanga and at high tide, an hour trip with a long tailed motorized dhow will take you to Quirimba.

Like most of the islands in the Archipelago, Quirimba is also a tidal island. Most water activities depend on the times and heights of the tides. It is therefore recommended, to visit Quirimba within a ten day period during/over the full – or new moon time.

Guests are hosted by Rainer and his staff and besides early morning coffee/tea, brunch and dinner are served daily, prepared mainly from ingredients available or grown on/around the island.